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Anonymous dead drop plugin for [Hapi.js] ( "Hapi.js")

This allows an unauthenticated user to POST a single key value data pair in a cache on the interwebs so that another agent can GET it. Once it is retrieved, they key & value are dropped from the cache so no other agents can get it. Also, if the agent doesn't get it in the configured time, the item expires.

Getting Started

Install deadbox by running npm install deadbox --save in your Hapi application's working directory.

Example usage

Example included in examples/index.js and you can run it with:

node ./examples

Execute the following commands to set and get a value by key

curl http://localhost:8000/box -d "key=hello&value=world"
curl http://localhost:8000/box?key=hello

If you try to get it again, it will no longer be there.

curl http://localhost:8000/box?key=hello


  • See internals.defaults in lib/index.js for all the options you can override.
  • deadbox requires cache & route plugin permissions to be set to true.
  • This example uses Hapi's default memory cache that can only store a limited amount of data, but Hapi also supports caching to Redis, MongoDB, and more listed here.