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    💀💡 Dead simple PubSub and EventEmitter

    Small, readable, almost-tweetable modules utilising classic patterns in modern language.

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    • Small: PubSub: 127 bytes, EventEmitter: 138 bytes, together: 191 bytes (all gzipped)
    • Best practices: Subscribe returns unsubscribe. So you can use anonymous functions.
    • Readable: There is nothing magical in the code; except the simplicity.
    • Modern: Uses new, yet well-supported features.
    • Efficient: No memory leaks, no duplicate calls, no extra looping.
    • Clean API: sub and pub (or on and emit), need no more, can't go less.
    • Modular: Use only what you need.
    • Typed TypeScript definitions are bundled


    Install using yarn or npm:

    yarn add dead-simple
    # or via npm
    npm install --save dead-simple


    import pubsub from "dead-simple/pubsub";
    import eventEmitter from "dead-simple/eventEmitter";
    // Alternatively:
    // import { pubsub, eventEmitter } from 'dead-simple'
    // === PubSub ======
    const clicks = pubsub();
    const unSub = clicks.sub((target) => console.log(`Clicked on ${target}!`));"button");
    // -> Clicked on button!
    // nothing
    // === eventEmitter ===
    // eventEmitter = named PubSub
    const events = eventEmitter();
    events.on("click", (target) => console.log(`Clicked on ${target}!`));
    const unSubChange = events.on("change", (newValue) =>
      console.log(`Value is now ${newValue}!`)
    events.emit("change", 1968);
    // -> Value is now 1968!
    events.emit("change", 1968);
    // nothing
    events.emit("click", "button");
    // -> Clicked on button!

    Browser compatibility

    Used ES6: const, arrow functions, Map, Set, object shorthand

    Chrome* Edge FF IE Opera Safari iOS Node
    38 12 13 -* 25 7.1 8 4


    • Chrome includes mobile Chrome (Android 4+).
    • IE 11 does not support only syntax feature, arrow functions and object shorthand.
    • The module needs to be bundled, of course.

    Super small versions

    This project started a pair of gists which included a hand minified version, too.

    We were able to get down to 91B for PubSub:

    export default (s = new Set()) => ({
      pub: (d) => s.forEach((f) => f(d)),
      sub: (f) => s.add(f).delete.bind(s, f),

    And 139B for EventEmitter (p is PubSub):

    export default (e) => (
      (e = new Map()),
        on: (n, f) => (e.has(name) || e.set(n, p()), e.get(n).sub(f)),
        emit: (n, d) => e.has(n) && e.get(n).pub(d),

    These versions are for fun, more like a proof of concept and may not work in some browsers.


    npm i dead-simple

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