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Vue Toasted is One of the Best Toast plugin available for VueJS. it is used by VueJS, Laravel, NuxtJS and trusted by many more organizations it is responsive, touch compatible, easy to use, attractive and feature rich with icons, actions etc...

Interactive Demo

Checkout the Interactive Demo here.



Install using npm

# install it via npm
npm install @devdiary/vue-toasted --save

Install using yarn

# install it via yarn
yarn add @devdiary/vue-toasted

Nuxt 💓 Officially uses vue-toasted for their toast module.

installation guide 👉 @nuxtjs/toast


It is simple. couple of lines all what you need.

// register the plugin on vue
import Toasted from '@devdiary/vue-toasted';


// you can also pass options, check options reference below
Vue.use(Toasted, Options)
// you can call like this in your component
this.$toasted.show('hello billo')

// and also
Vue.toasted.show('hola billo');

All Good Now you have this cool toast in your project..

Icons 🔥

Material Icons, Fontawesome and Material Design Icons are supported. you will have to import the icon packs into your project. example using icons

    // pass the icon name as string
    icon : 'check'
    // or you can pass an object
    icon : {
        name : 'watch',
        after : true // this will append the icon to the end of content

Actions 🔥

You can have single or multiple actions in the toast. take a look at the example below

Check below Vue Router section for router integration

Parameters Type's Default Description
text* String - name of action
href String null url of action
icon String null name of material for action
target String null target of url
class String/Array null custom css class for the action
push Object null Vue Router push parameters
onClick Function(e,toastObject) null onClick Function of action
    // you can pass a single action as below
    action : {
        text : 'Cancel',
        onClick : (e, toastObject) => {

    // you can pass a multiple actions as an array of actions
    action : [
            text : 'Cancel',
            onClick : (e, toastObject) => {
            text : 'Undo',
            // router navigation
            push : { 
            	name : 'somewhere',
            	// this will prevent toast from closing
            	dontClose : true



below are the options you can pass to create a toast

Option Type's Default Description
position String 'top-right' Position of the toast container
['top-right', 'top-center', 'top-left', 'bottom-right', 'bottom-center', 'bottom-left']
duration Number null Display time of the toast in millisecond
keepOnHover Boolean false When mouse is over a toast's element, the corresponding duration timer is paused until the cursor leaves the element
action Object, Array null Add single or multiple actions to toast explained here
fullWidth Boolean false Enable Full Width
fitToScreen Boolean false Fits to Screen on Full Width
className String, Array null Custom css class name of the toast
containerClass String, Array null Custom css classes for toast container
iconPack String 'material' Icon pack type to be used
['material', 'fontawesome', 'mdi', 'custom-class', 'callback']
Icon String, Object null Material icon name as string. explained here
type String 'default' Type of the Toast ['success', 'info', 'error']
theme String 'toasted-primary' Theme of the toast you prefer
['toasted-primary', 'outline', 'bubble']
onComplete Function null Trigger when toast is completed
closeOnSwipe Boolean true Closes the toast when the user swipes it
singleton Boolean false Only allows one toast at a time.


Methods available on Toasted...

// you can pass string or html to message
Vue.toasted.show( 'my message', { /* some option */ })
Method Parameter's Description
show message, options show a toast with default style
success message, options show a toast with success style
info message, options show a toast with info style
error message, options show a toast with error style
register name, message, options register your own toast with options explained here
clear - clear all toasts

Toast Object

Each Toast Returns a Toast Object where you can manipulate the toast.

// html element of the toast
el : HtmlElement

// change text or html of the toast
text : Function(text)

// fadeAway the toast. default delay will be 800ms
goAway : Function(delay = 800)

using the toast object

let myToast = this.$toasted.show("Holla !!");
myToast.text("Changing the text !!!").goAway(1500);

Vue Router

Adding vue-router to vue-toasted where you can use it on toast actions.

// your app router instance
var router = new VueRouter({
	mode: 'history',
	routes: [{
		path: '/foo',
		name : 'foo-name'
	linkActiveClass: "active"

// pass it to vue toasted as below..
Vue.use(Toasted, {

Custom Toast Registration

You can register your own toasts like below and it will be available all over the application.

Toasted.register methods api details...

Parameters Type's Default Description
name* String - name of your toast
message* String/Function(payload) - Toast Body Content
options String/Object {} Toast Options as Object or either of these strings ['success', 'info', 'error']

Take a look at the below examples

Simple Example
import Toasted from '@devdiary/vue-toasted';

// Lets Register a Global Error Notification Toast.
Vue.toasted.register('my_app_error', 'Oops.. Something Went Wrong..', {
    type : 'error',
    icon : 'error_outline'

After Registering your toast you can easily access it in the vue component like below

// this will show a toast with message 'Oops.. Something Went Wrong..'
// all the custom toasts will be available under `toasted.global`
Advanced Example

You can also pass message as a function. which will give you more power. Lets think you need to pass a custom message to the error notification we built above.

    message : 'Not Authorized to Access'

you can register a toast with payload like below on the example.

import Toasted from '@devdiary/vue-toasted';

// options to the toast
let options = {
    type : 'error',
    icon : 'error_outline'

// register the toast with the custom message
    (payload) => {
        // if there is no message passed show default message
        if(! payload.message) {
    	    return "Oops.. Something Went Wrong.."
        // if there is a message show it with the message
        return "Oops.. " + payload.message;

Browsers support

IE / EdgeIE / Edge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari OperaOpera iOS SafariiOS Safari Chrome for AndroidChrome for Android
IE10, IE11, Edge last 7 versions last 7 versions last 7 versions last 7 versions last 3 versions last 3 versions

Please Report If You have Found any Issues.

Mobile Responsiveness

On Mobile Toasts will be on full width. according to the position the toast will either be on top or bottom.


  • Inspired and developed from materialize-css toast.
  • Uses hammerjs for touch events
  • Uses lightweight and fast animejs for animations.
  • Whoever contributes to this project 😉

Enjoy Toasting !!


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