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    Convert RAW camera images using JavaScript (supported on Node.js and your Browser)

    This project is a port of dcraw.c using Emscripten.



    npm install dcraw


    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/dcraw"></script>


    Read a RAW image file into a buffer (or Uint8Array in the browser, see browser example here)

    const fs = require('fs');
    const buf = fs.readFileSync('./example.CR2');
    Get Image Metadata

    Parse the file for metadata

    const dcraw = require('dcraw');
    dcraw(buf, { verbose: true, identify: true });


    >   Filename: raw_buf
        Timestamp: Thu Sep 21 07:17:42 2017
        Camera: Canon EOS 20D
        Owner: unknown
        ISO speed: 3200
        Shutter: 252.0 sec
        Aperture: f/inf
        Focal length: 0.0 mm
        Embedded ICC profile: no
        Number of raw images: 1
        Thumb size:  1536 x 1024
        Full size:   3596 x 2360
        Image size:  3522 x 2348
        Output size: 3522 x 2348
        Raw colors: 3
        Filter pattern: RG/GB
        Daylight multipliers: 2.098645 0.930145 1.180146
        Camera multipliers: 1021.000000 1015.000000 1018.000000 1015.000000
    Convert to TIFF

    Convert to TIFF file, and save to disk

    const tiffFile = dcraw(buf, { exportAsTiff: true });
    fs.writeFileSync('example.tiff', tiffFile)


    You may use the same options that dcraw supports by providing the flags directly, or you may use the following human friendly versions.

    // The following dcraw command, can be written two ways using dcraw.js
    // dcraw -T -4 -E <filename>
    // Both of these do the same thing
    dcraw(buf, { T: true, 4: true, E: true });
    dcraw(buf, { exportAsTiff: true, use16BitLinearMode: true, useExportMode: true });
    Options List
    Option Type Description
    verbose boolean Print verbose messages
    identify boolean Identify files without decoding them (use with '-v' to identify files and show metadata)
    extractThumbnail boolean Extract embedded thumbnail image
    useCameraWhiteBalance boolean Use camera white balance, if possible
    useAverageWhiteBalance boolean Average the whole image for white balance
    whiteBalanceBox x y w h Average a grey box for white balance
    useCustomWhiteBalance r g b g Set custom white balance
    useEmbeddedColorMatrix boolean Use/don't use an embedded color matrix
    correctChromaticAberration r b Correct chromatic aberration
    deadPixelFile buffer Fix the dead pixels listed in this file
    darkFrameFile buffer Subtract dark frame (16-bit raw PGM)
    setDarknessLevel num Set the darkness level
    setSaturationLevel num Set the saturation level
    setWaveletThreshold num Set threshold for wavelet denoising
    setHighlightMode [0-9] Highlight mode (0=clip, 1=unclip, 2=blend, 3+=rebuild)
    setFlipMode [0-7] Flip image (0=none, 3=180, 5=90CCW, 6=90CW)
    setColorSpace [0-6] Output colorspace (raw,sRGB,Adobe,Wide,ProPhoto,XYZ,ACES)
    setICCFromFile buffer Apply output ICC profile from file
    setICCFromCamera buffer Apply camera ICC profile from file or "embed"
    useDocumentMode boolean Document mode (no color, no interpolation, no debayer)
    useRawMode boolean Document mode without scaling (totally raw)
    useExportMode boolean Document mode without cropping
    setNoStretchMode boolean Don't stretch or rotate raw pixels
    setNoAutoBrightnessMode boolean Don't automatically brighten the image
    setBrightnessLevel num Adjust brightness (default = 1.0)
    setCustomGammaCurve p ts Set custom gamma curve (default = 2.222 4.5)
    setInterpolationQuality [0-3] Set the interpolation quality
    setHalfSizeMode boolean Half-size color image (twice as fast as "-q 0")
    setFourColorMode boolean Interpolate RGGB as four colors
    setMedianFilter num Apply a 3x3 median filter to R-G and B-G
    setImageCount [0..N-1] Select one raw image or "all" from each file
    use16BitMode boolean Write 16-bit instead of 8-bit
    use16BitLinearMode boolean Linear 16-bit, same as "-6 -W -g 1 1"
    exportAsTiff boolean Write TIFF instead of PPM

    Browser Example

    You'll need to do a little bit of work to get a file buffer on the browser. There is a full example available here.

    var reader = new FileReader();
    reader.onload = function (e) {
        // Get the image file as a buffer
        var buf = new Uint8Array(e.currentTarget.result);
        // Get the RAW metadata
        const metadata = dcraw(buf, { verbose: true, identify: true });


    npm i dcraw

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