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Configuration file loader and monitor for Node.js Build Status

Load and monitor a configuration file.


npm install dconf


Suppose the following configuration file.

    "widget": {
        "debug": "on",
        "window": {
            "height": 500,
            "name": "main_window",
            "title": "Sample Konfabulator Widget",
            "width": 500

To load it, one would do:

var dconf = require('dconf');
var config = dconf.loadSync('./config.json');
config.on('error', function(err) {
config.on('update', function() {


Package dconf

dconf.load(filename, callback)

  • filename: configuration file path
  • callback: continuation callback

Asynchronously load a configuration file.

The callback will be called with two arguments (err, config). On error, config will be null and err will contain an error object.

Returns a Config instance (see bellow).


  • filename: configuration file path

Asynchronously load a configuration file.

Returns a Config instance (see bellow).

Class Config

The Config class isn't intended to be instantiated directly by clients. Use dconf.load or dconf.loadSync to obtain a new instance.

config.get(path, default)

  • path: options path, e.g.
  • default: value to use if option isn't specified in config file


Return a string representing the currently loaded configuration.


Stop monitoring the underlying config file and remove all listeners.

Event: 'update'

Emitted when the configuration values are updated, i.e. when the configuration file is successfully reloaded.

Event: 'error'

  • err: error object

Emitted when an error occurs while watching/reading/parsing the config file.


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.