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This module contains Harvard DCE-specific extensions to the Paella video player.

It is not a standard Node or browser module (as of now), but rather, a way to package extensions for the build process so that we can avoid forking Paella and maintaining that fork.

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When using as a dependency in another project:

npm install dce-paella-extensions

When working on this module:

git clone git@github.com:harvard-dce/dce-paella-extensions
git checkout <branch name>
npm install


You need to copy your stuff out of this module to where you need it yourself.

For example, HUDCE registers this repo as a dependency of a project that also depends on Paella and Opencast and uses a gulpfile to copy the files to where they need to go.

  var s1 = gulp.src(config.dceExtPath + '/vendor/plugins/**').pipe(gulp.dest(config.buildPath + '/paella/plugins'));
  var s2 = gulp.src(config.dceExtPath + '/vendor/skins/**').pipe(gulp.dest(config.buildPath + '/paella/vendor/skins'));
  var s3 = gulp.src(config.dceExtPath + '/resources/images/paella_icons_light_dce.png').pipe(gulp.dest(config.buildPath + '/paella/resources/images'));
  var s4 = gulp.src(config.dceExtPath + '/resources/style/overrides.less').pipe(gulp.dest(config.buildPath + '/paella/resources/style'));
  var s1 = gulp.src(config.dceExtPath + '/config/config.json').pipe(gulp.dest(config.buildPath + '/paella-opencast/config'));
  var s2 = gulp.src(config.dceExtPath + '/config/profiles/profiles.json').pipe(gulp.dest(config.buildPath + '/paella-opencast/config/profiles'));


Local development

  • Edit the files you want.
  • Run tests as documented in the next section.
  • When you are ready to publish to NPM, make sure you update the version in package.json.
  • Also tag with the same version (i.e. if npm version is 1.6.8, make a git tag -a v1.6.8) and push to the repo. -- This allows the dce-opencast to use npm or the git repo directly. -- For example, via "dce-paella-extensions": "1.6.8" or "dce-paella-extensions": "harvard-dce/dce-paella-extensions#v1.6.18"

Testing a development version of this module in hudce-opencast

To avoid having to run npm publish and npm install just to see if a change worked in the context of paella-matterhorn, you can:

  • Run npm link (with sudo if your global node_modules is in a place that requires it) from this repo's directory.
  • Run npm link dce-paella-extensions in the hudce-opencast enage-player-paella module. Now there will be a symlink-like link to the project.
  • Then, run gulp build in the hudce-opencast enage-player-paella module.


There is only one set of tests so far. To run it, assuming you have already run npm install:

make test

You should see output that looks like this:

TAP version 13
# Heartbeat test
ok 1 Passes a function to the timer.
ok 2 Sets the timer to run at the interval specified in the config.
ok 3 The heartbeat event is registered.
ok 4 Sets the timer to repeat.

# tests 4
# pass  4

# ok

Any change you make a PR for should end in a test run with 'ok'; no failures.


npm i dce-paella-extensions

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