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dc-polyfill: Diagnostics Channel Polyfill

This package provides a polyfill (or ponyfill) for the diagnostics_channel core Node.js module (including TracingChannel) for use with older versions of Node.js. It aims to remain simple, with zero dependencies, and only takes up a few kilobytes of space.

If your module or application uses diagnostics_channel and needs to run on multiple versions of Node.js then it is recommended that you use require('dc-polyfill') instead of require('diagnostics_channel').

dc-polyfill backports features and bugfixes that are added to Node.js core. If a feature hasn't been backported then please open a Pull Request or create an issue.

Since this package recreates a Node.js API, read the Node.js diagnostics_channel documentation to understand what it does.

Oldest Supported Node.js Version 12.17.0
Target Node.js DC API Version 20.6.0

Whenever the currently running version of Node.js ships with diagnostics_channel (i.e. v16+, v15.14+, v14.17+), dc-polyfill will make sure to use the global registry of channels provided by the core module. For older versions of Node.js dc-polyfill instead uses its own global collection of channels. This global collection remains in the same location and is shared across all instances of dc-polyfill. This avoids the issue wherein multiple versions of an npm library installed in a module dependency hierarchy would otherwise provide different singleton instances.

Ideally, this package will forever remain backwards compatible, there will never be a v2.x release, and there will never be an additional global channel collection.


Install the module in your project:

npm install dc-polyfill

Replace any existing require('diagnostics_channel') calls:

const diagnostics_channel = require('dc-polyfill');


When a Pull Request is created the test suite runs against dozens of versions of Node.js. Notably, versions right before a change and versions right after a change, the first version of a release line, and the last version of a release line. To test locally it's recommended to use a node version management tool, such as nvm, to test changes with.

License / Copyright

See LICENSE.txt for full details.

MIT License - Copyright (c) 2023 Datadog, Inc.

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