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Don't Be an Asshole

If you write a complex open-sourced JS code and don't comment it well, then you are an asshole. That's it.

DBA is an experimental tool which is trying to determine a complex JS functions with very low comments / logical lines of code ratio.

$ npm i dba
 Usage: dba [options] <file>
    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number
    --effort <n>   minimum function Halstead Programming Effort (default: 1000)
    --ratio <n>    minimum function `comments count / logical sloc` ratio (default: 0)

So, you can operate with two options:

Halstead's formulation for the effort required to author (or understand) a
program characterizes effort as proportional to both difficulty and volume.

Default value is 1000. Why? I don't know. You can (and probably must) choose your own value. Read more about Halstead Metrics.

ratio = comments / logical lines of code (count of the imperative statements)

Default value is 0, i.e. functions without any comments above or inside them.

$ npm i -g dba
$ curl -o jquery.js
$ dba jquery.js
line:name effort
259:eq 2463.4990140857967
636:merge 5604.019067420871
848:isArraylike 4531.773550138875
1536:<anonymous> 3545.3416830596843
1888:<anonymous> 1257.7999892502814
1899:<anonymous> 14657.936450339506
2031:<anonymous> 1316.1630348826093
2104:<anonymous> 3088.7749214053893
2129:<anonymous> 1000.1639924757808
2230:<anonymous> 1461.2679657469964
2238:<anonymous> 1300
2404:condense 4301.781429421212
2532:<anonymous> 1088.3504253764434
2826:<anonymous> 1437.041091550048
3146:<anonymous> 1597.4865292825052
3947:hasClass 3499.7543832579354
5252:add 2166.3947815907463
5341:filter 3509.9700124673077
5355:dir 2730.587439587538
5370:sibling 1539.077237214529
5966:getAll 3010.733942522896
6169:<anonymous> 5234.617404043934
6528:set 1268.8883720745803
6644:<anonymous> 1842.172433325465
6849:<anonymous> 1725.8559825284208
8076:tweener 3958.887401782952
8234:init 1529.9625455901264
8250:run 9362.395485529289
8711:<anonymous> 1614.2124551085624
8729:<anonymous> 2357.9244683544707