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    Remove noise and common typographic issues from Deutsche Bahn (DB, german railways) and VBB (Berlin-Brandenburg transportation authority) station names, returned e.g. by the db-hafas and vbb-hafas module. For a list of changes that are applied to names, see the rules section.

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    npm install db-clean-station-name


    const cleanStationName = require('db-clean-station-name')
    const noisy = 'S+U Berlin Yorckstr. S2 U7 (S+U)'
    const cleaned = cleanStationName(noisy)
    console.log(cleaned) // 'Berlin Yorckstraße'


    The module applies a specific set of rules, which were test-run against a dataset of ≈250,000 station names. The matches column in the following table specifies how many of those station names a rule could be applied to at least once. Samples for each rule were checked manually for QA.

    Rule Example Matches
    Fix typographically incorrect apostrophes Up`n KiwittUp’n Kiwitt ≈100
    Replace non-round braces Bersarinplatz [Weidenweg]Bersarinplatz (Weidenweg) ≈100
    Fix whitespace for braces Frankfurt(Main)HbfFrankfurt (Main) Hbf ≈2100
    Fix whitespace for punctuation and slashes St.GeorgSt. Georg, Landau a.d. IsarLandau a.d. Isar ≈700
    Replace generic abbreviations: Abzw., b., Ri. Abzw. BaalbornAbzweig Baalborn, Garching b. MünchenGarching bei München ≈10000
    Replace most common location abbreviations: Thür, Württ, Meckl, … Note that this rule will probably be replaced by a more generic location-parsing rule at some point Minden(Westf)Minden (Westfalen) ≈5000
    Replace Str. with Straße Bülowstr.Bülowstraße, Willy-Brandt-Str.Willy-Brandt-Straße ≈22000
    Remove defined set of line and product names: U1, (U), (Bus), (S 1), S+U, … Alexanderplatz (U) U5 U8, BerlinAlexanderplatz, Berlin, Budberg (B63), WerlBudberg (B63), Werl ≈700

    There are some additional rules which aren't listed here, but those only affect a handful of stations or fix the result of other rules (e.g. removing duplicate whitespace).

    Removing location names

    This module also offers a method to attempt to remove location names from station names, e.g. the Berlin in Amrumer Straße, Berlin or Köln in Köln Messe/Deutz. The module also has a blacklist for particles for which the location is never removed even if it was detected correctly, e.g. for Frankfurt Süd, where the remaining part wouldn't really make sense on its own.

    const cleanStationNameWithLocation = require('db-clean-station-name/lib/with-location')
    // you must provide a station name as well as a geolocation for that station
    const cleaned = cleanStationNameWithLocation('(S) Berlin Hauptbahnhof', { longitude: 13.0991973, latitude: 52.404288 })
    const result = {
        full: 'Berlin Hauptbahnhof' // normal output of db-clean-station-name
        short: 'Hauptbahnhof' // will be `null` if no locations were detected
        matchedLocationIds: ['11000000'] // some id(s) corresponding to locations that were detected, you can use those to check e.g. if two stations are in the same city. will be empty of no location(s) were detected. note that for cases like `Frankfurt Süd`, where `short` will be null because nothing could be removed because of some blacklisted name, the list of matched location ids can still contain values


    If you found a bug or want to propose a feature, feel free to visit the issues page.


    npm i db-clean-station-name

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