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Dazzle - a Dota 2 Api Wrapper for Node

Dazzle is a lightweight, easy-to-use API client for the Dota 2 WebAPI Check it out on github @


npm install dazzle


Get a Steam API key at

Usage & Examples

var dazzle = require('dazzle');
var dota2Api = new dazzle('apikey');

Get a list of heroes

dota2Api.getHeroes(function (err, response) {
    var heroes = response.heroes;

Get recent matches

dota2Api.getMatchHistory(function (err, response) {
    var matches = response.matches;

Easily extendable

To create your own API method simply extend the client like so:

dota2Api.extend('myFancyMethod', function (params, next) {
    // do somethin cool here

dota2Api.myFancyMethod({}, function (err, response) {
    // hey it works!

For a list of methods and interfaces see Note that you dont need to include the app ID (aka _570), this is added automatically.


The MIT License (MIT)


Jamie Lottering GitHubhttp://well.iotwitter