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This is the logger that I use in my CLI tools.


var davlog = require('davlog');
var logger = davlog.init({
    name: 'foo',
    color: 'white'
}); //Should only need once'This is a test');

foo [info] This is test

Note that the module is an instance of itself, with the default options:

var davlog = require('davlog');'This is a test');

davlog [info] This is test


  • info
  • log
  • warn
  • err
  • error Will process.exit(1) when called.
  • silent Disable all output
  • quiet Disable all but log and info


The init function allows for 3 options:

  • name - The name prefix to the string: Defaults to: 'davlog'
  • color - The string for the color or false to disable color: Defaults to magenta
  • timestamps - If true, adds an ISO timestamp to the beginning of each log line.
  • stdout - A writeable stream for normal log messages: Defaults to process.stdout
  • stderr - A writeable stream for error log messages: Defaults to process.stderr

You can override all prefixes by using the: logger.STRINGS object. You can override all default colors by using the logger.COLORS object.

There are also stdout and stderr properties on the object, which are readable streams. These are useful for piping log data elsewhere.

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