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This module (davids) runs the david command in each of subfolders (subdirectories) of the current directory.

This module is written in JavaScript and requires Node.js to run. It uses some ECMAScript 2016 features, and thus a relatively recent Node.js is required. This module is tested against the latest stable version of Node.js.

Installing davids

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Installing as a global application

  • Latest packaged version: npm install -g davids

  • Latest githubbed version: npm install -g https://github.com/Mithgol/david-in-subfolders/tarball/master

The application becomes installed globally and appears in the PATH. Then use davids command to run the application.

Installing as a portable application

Instead of the above, download the ZIP-packed source code of the application and unpack it to some directory. Then run npm install --production in that directory.

You may now move that directory (for example, on a flash drive) across systems as long as they have the required version of Node.js installed.

Unlike the above (npm -g), the application does not appear in the PATH, and thus you'll have to run it directly from the application's directory. You'll also have to run node davids instead of davids.

Testing davids

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It is necessary to install JSHint for testing.

  • You may install JSHint globally (npm install jshint -g) or locally (npm install jshint in the directory of davids).

After that you may run npm test (in the directory of davids). Only the JS code errors are caught; the code's behaviour is not tested.


MIT license (see the LICENSE file).

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