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daveutils package

How to install

npm install daveutils

The story

When I came to Node, three years ago, I started this file, utils.js, to put all the utility routines I knew I'd need. I've been programming a long time. And there are certain things you don't want to have to rewrite. So you put them in a file and when you need a new one you just add it to that file.

Then in April 2017 I got tired of including that file in all my projects. Not that I was replicating code, I wasn't. It was just a little bit more work than it had to be. So I made an NPM package out of it, so I could just do this:

const utils = require ("daveutils");

And include it in my package.json file, and that's that.

And this is that package.

Now you know the whole story! ;-)

PS: I wrote about daveutils on my blog.

Questions, comments

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