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    This is where I put my JavaScript code to generate RSS feeds from my apps, running in the browser and in Node.

    Example app

    I put together a simple test app that includes an example of the data you would send to daverss, as a pair of JavaScript objects, to build a feed.

    It comes from my Radio3 linkblog, which is a real feed, still updated daily in January 2020.


    v0.5.30 -- 10/11/21 by DW

    In package.json we now require dateformat 4.5.1 because they updated the package to not work with older versions of Node.

    v0.5.29 -- 4/4/20 by DW

    I wanted to get the Cuomo podcast feed to validate through iTunes, so I added the needed features.

    1. Support for the <channel> level <image> element.

    2. Two elements of the itunes namespace: category and explicit.

    v0.5.20 -- 1/14/20 by DW

    Added a test app that illustrates how to use the package in a Node app.

    v0.5.4 -- 7/4/17 by DW

    Bring in support for Facebook Instant Articles feeds.

    v0.4.14 -- 6/9/17 by DW

    Per Dan MacTough's suggestion, in the JSON version, the length attribute on enclosure should be a number. If it coerces to a number, great, if there's an error, leave out the length property.

    v0.4.8 -- 5/29/17 by DW

    Change name of rss.getRssEnclosureInfo to rss.getEnclosureInfo.

    v0.4.2 -- 5/29/17 by DW

    Major code review, bring it up to date with my latest software. Also includes buildJsonFeed which generates a 1-1 equivalent of the RSS feed, but using JSON instead of XML. I plan to support this format in Scripting News.




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