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    Work in progress!

    API docs

    A JavaScript (node, maybe browser) client for Datomic peer server and cloud.

    Some example usage:

    // peer-server config map example
    let peerConf = {
        serverType: 'peer-server',
        endpoint: 'localhost:8001',
        dbName: 'your-db-name',
        accessKey: 'your-access-key',
        secret: 'your-secret'
    // cloud config map example
    let cloudConf = {
        endpoint: '',
        serverType: 'cloud',
        region: 'your-region',
        system: 'your-system',
        dbName: 'your-db-name',
        proxyPort: 8182  // if connecting via the bastion server
    let client = require('datomic-client-js');
    // List databases, you can omit dbName from config
    client.listDatabases(cloudConf).then((dbs) => `${dbs}`);
    // Create database (cloud only)
    client.createDatabase(cloudConf).then((success) => `${success}`);
    // Define for edn string literals (or you can just use jsedn functions).
    let edn = client.edn;
    // Connect to a database
    client.connect(cloudConf).then(async function(connection) {
        // transact a schema
        let schema = edn`[{:db/ident :movie/title,
                           :db/valueType :db.type/string,
                           :db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one,
                           :db/doc "The title of the movie"},
                          {:db/ident :movie/genre,
                           :db/valueType :db.type/string,
                           :db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one,
                           :db/doc "The genre of the movie"},
                          {:db/ident :movie/release-year,
                           :db/valueType :db.type/long,
                           :db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one,
                           :db/doc "The year the movie was released in theaters"}]`;
        await connection.transact({txData: schema});
        // transact some data
        let testData = edn`[{:movie/title "The Goonies",
                             :movie/genre "action/adventure",
                             :movie/release-year 1985},
                            {:movie/title "Commando",
                             :movie/genre "thriller/action",
                             :movie/release-year 1985},
                            {:movie/title "Repo Man",
                             :movie/genre "punk dystopia",
                             :movie/release-year 1984}]`;
        await connection.transact({txData: testData});
        // Query the database
        let query = edn`[:find ?movie ?title
                         :in $ ?year
                         :where [?movie :movie/release-year ?year]
                         [?movie :movie/title ?title]]`;
        let db = connection.db();
        // Chunked operations (q, indexRange, datoms, txRange) return a channel that yields
        // promises of async values.
        let chan = await connection.q({query: query, args: [db, 1985]});
        let result = await chan.take();
        // Pull an entity
        let id = result[0][0];
        let pulled = await db.pull({
            eid: id,
            selector: edn`[:movie/title :movie/genre :movie/release-year]`    
        return pulled;


    • Basic communications work, to the point where I can make a basic query.
    • SPI support for on-prem peer-server.
    • SPI support for cloud.
    • Some query builder support complete.
    • Some transaction builder support complete.
    • EDN queries or transaction data supported.
    • Some tests written.


    • More builder support for queries.
    • API docs.
    • Package everything properly for external consumption (i.e. I don't really know how to package up JavaScript).
    • More tests.



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