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    Added multilanguage into the path.

    Next.js Preview Links DatoCMS Plugin

    Plugin that adds quick links to preview & view your DatoCMS on a Next.js site. Assumes you have a preview implementation based off of the official Next.js Preview Mode guide.


    After installing the plugin, you'll need to configure the plugin settings like so:

    Configuration screenshot

    Then on each model you'd like to be able to preview, you'll need to add a JSON field, and under the "Presentation" tab, you'll want to select "Next.js Preview Links" as the "Field editor", and fill out the entity path for the given entity on your site. You can sub in any field on the entity using the $field_name, e.g. /blog/$slug or /product/$id.

    JSON field screenshot

    Preview Links

    Once you've configured the plugin and added the field to a model, you will be able to see it as a sidebar widget.

    Plugin screenshot

    A blog post with a slug of my-first-post using the configuration from the example above would link to:

    • https://my-next-site.com/api/preview?secret=some-super-secret-key&slug=/blog/my-first-post for the "Preview" link
    • https://my-next-site.com/blog/my-first-post for the "View published" link

    The query params on the API preview path are not configurable, and are based on Next.js' Preview Mode guide.

    Disable Preview Links (optional)

    By default, the Next.js preview mode persists through a browser session. However, this could have unintended consequences for the editor experience, such as subsequent "View published page" button clicks showing the preview page instead of the published page (because it's still the same browser session).

    To work around this, you can create another Next.js API route that clears the preview mode cookies and then redirects to the page slug. An example disable-preview.js API route might look like this:

    export default function handler(req, res) {
      // Clears the preview mode cookies.
      // This function accepts no arguments.
      if (req.query.slug) {
        // Redirect to the path from the fetched post
      } else {
        res.end('Preview mode disabled');

    Once this API route is set up, you can specify the "Disable preview API path" in the plugin settings with its path, such as /api/disable-preview. This will cause the "View published page" button to go to that route first, with the slug attached as a parameter, and the API route should redirect to the intended page once preview mode has been disabled.

    This way, the "Preview" button should always show the preview page, and the "View published page" should always show the published page (by forcing the preview cookies to be cleared every time).


    If you want to develop on this extension, the quickest way is to run yarn addToProject. That will walk you through setting it up. If you have trouble going through that setup, you can manually install it by going to Settings > Plugins, clicking the add button, and clicking "create a private one" in the lower right. Give it:

    • a name of your choosing
    • an entry point URL of http://localhost:5000
    • Sidebar widget as type of plugin
    • JSON as field types
    • Copy the JSON from package.json's parameters object into the parameter defintions

    After that, you can just run yarn start, and it should be loading in the sidebar after you configure it with a model.

    This project was largely based on the Gatsby plugin, and the DatoCMS Todo List example plugin.


    npm i datocms-plugin-nextjs-multilanguage-sidebar-preview

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