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Date/Time input

Enter formatted date and time without pickers.

Build Status

Version 2 contains breacking changes.

For the demo and docs please visit

What is it

The jQuery plugin which makes date/time input from text one. Inspired by "dateentry" plugin

Why is it

The mentioned above plugin is outdated. I tried to use it with a webpack, and failed. It use some kind a plugin wrapper which is not used anywhere else and, in my opinion, adds extra complexity.

Why jQuery and not React

Just because i need jQuery. When i need react, i'll add the branch.

What is inside

Instead of create huge data file with day names, month names, etc. I use Intl inside. So all languages supported by Intl, should be ready to use without any twitches.

Meanwhile, internally, this code doesn't use jQuery, i need jQuery only as interface to attach the plugin to input.

What's next

  • Add step option
  • Add ERA support
  • Increase test coverage
  • Optimize code


npm i datetime-entry

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