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A JavaScript library of observable, events and advanced model.

Installation and Usage

You can install this by npm.

npm i datasense

And you can also insert the JavaScript bundled file by script tag into your web page directly.

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DataSense provides lots of powerful low-level APIs for the management of observable, events and tasks. You can build your business logic apps or technical libraries based on this, including one/two-way-bindings, observing, subscript management and time sequence controlling.

Following are the key features that you can click to read more. The samples are written by Type Script by default in these documents.

  • Task - A way to control how process a given handler including debounce, throttle, multiple hits, etc.
  • Event - A place to add event listeners and raise events with additional information and utilities supports, such as the one the tasks provided.
  • Value - The controller and observable for a variable so that you can access it and subscribe its changing.
  • Props - The controller and observable for a set of variables with keys. They are like the property of an object. You can access and observe them.

Building / Testing

You may need install gulp and tsc to build. Following is the command line to build this project including the source and test cases.

npm run-script build

You can run all test cases after building by following command line.

npm test

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This project is MIT Licensed.

Please feel free to import this into your project. And you can also clone or fork the repository as you want.

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