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Simple wrapper for using the vanilla datajs library in Node applications.

I was looking for a simple way of consuming an OData feed from a Node app. First thing that came to my mind was using the "official" datajs library as I used it once before in a browser app. But the existing datajs npm package is pretty aged. So I was looking for some way of using the current datajs release.


npm install datajs_vanilla


var OData = require('datajs').OData;
var url = "";, function (data) {
    console.debug(data['Name']); //-> UT Dallas .NET UG


where they belong.

This stackoverflow question gave me the idea on how to use the datajs browser library in a Node environment.


See included LICENSE file for this package.

The bundled datajs-1.1.2.js library is licensed on it's own. Check the project page for further details.