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A web ui and http interface for archiving dats.



Clone this repository and install dependencies.

git clone
cd dat-server
npm install

Create the config

Copy the example config and change the variables to suit your setup.

cp example.config.json config.json
  • dir: Where downloaded dats will be stored.
  • title: The visible title of the app.

Build assets and run the app.

npm start


List dats

GET /dats

A list of currently deployed dats in JSON format.

Download a Dat

GET /download/:key

Download a dat to zip file, uses a stream.

Dat health

GET /health/:key

The health of a dat, including it's size, number of peers, and their replication progress.

Add a dat

POST /dats

with json body:

{"key": <DAT_KEY>}

TODO: Could return download progress.

{ "progress": 30 }
{ "progress": 100 }
{ "progress": 403 }

Delete a dat

DELETE /dats

with json body:

{"key": <DAT_KEY>}

Delete a dat, removing all data. They key should be the 64-character string without the dat:// prefix.