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Browserified dat-gui library

=dat.GUI= A lightweight graphical user interface for changing variables in JavaScript.

Get started with dat.GUI by reading the tutorial at [].

==Packaged Builds== The easiest way to use dat.GUI in your code is by using the built source at {{{build/dat.gui.min.js}}}. These built JavaScript files bundle all the necessary dependencies to run dat.GUI.

In your {{{head}}} tag, include the following code: {{{


==Using dat.GUI with require.js== Internally, dat.GUI uses [ require.js] to handle dependency management. If you're making changes to the source and want to see the effects of your changes without building, use require js.

In your {{{head}}} tag, include the following code: {{{


Then, in {{{path/to/main.js}}}: {{{ require([ 'path/to/gui/module/GUI' ], function(GUI) {

// No namespace necessary var gui = new GUI();

}); }}}

==Directory Contents==

==Building your own dat.GUI==

In the terminal, enter the following:

{{{ $ cd utils $ node build_gui.js }}}

This will create a namespaced, unminified build of dat.GUI at {{{build/dat.gui.js}}}

To export minified source using Closure Compiler, open {{{utils/build_gui.js}}} and set the {{{minify}}} parameter to {{{true}}}.

==Change log==



  • Migrated from GitHub to Google Code.

==Thanks== The following libraries / open-source projects were used in the development of dat.GUI: