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Dashku Screenshot


Dashku is a web application for creating dashboards and widgets in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is open source, and available to download from Github. There is also a hosted edition at

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  • Node.js (0.10)
  • MongoDB
  • Redis


git clone git://
cd dashku
npm install

Booting the application

mongod &
redis-server &
npm start

Seeding the database with widget templates

You can seed Dashku's database with widget templates by running this command:

npm run populateWidgetTemplates

Using Dashku to create dashboards and widgets

Documentation will be coming soon.


To run unit and functional tests:

npm test

To run the integration tests:

npm run cuke

License & Credits

© 2014 Anephenix Ltd. The Nike swoosh is a registered trademark of Nike Inc. See LICENSE for details.