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Publish on MQTT when a dash button is pressed.

Based on node-dash-button by Alex Hortin - all credits belong to him.

Getting started

Tested on macOS and Linux. If you're running on Linux you have to install libcap-dev.


sudo npm install -g dashbutton2mqtt

Find dash buttons

sudo dashbutton2mqtt --scan

Create a JSON mapping file

Create a JSON file that maps dash button mac addresses to MQTT topics an payloads.


    "50:f5:da:60:20:10": {
        "topic": "dashbutton/foo",
        "payload": "press"
    "50:f5:da:60:20:11": {
        "topic": "dashbutton/bar",
        "payload": "press"


sudo dashbutton2mqtt -m /path/to/mapping.json


  • Since node-dash-button uses libpcap to scan for dash button arp packets this tool must be run with superuser.
  • Due to the nature of the dash buttons there will be a latency of ~4 seconds between a button press and the MQTT publish.
  • As long as the LED of the dash button is blinking you can't do further button presses.

Run as service

I suggest PM2 to run dashbutton2mqtt in the background and start on system boot.


Pull requests welcome!


MIT © Sebastian Raff