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Helpscout plugin for segmentio/dashboards


A Helpscout plugin for segmentio/dashboards.

Use this plugin to visualize your active ticket count, and who is behind on their tickets.

$ npm install dashboards-helpscout
var Dashboards = require('dashboards');
var helpscout = require('dashboards-helpscout');
new Dashboards()
  .use(helpscout('apiKey', 'mailbox-id'));

The metrics exposed by this plugin are:

  • active tickets
  • tickets yesterday trailing average
  • tickets 0-1 weeks ago
  • tickets 1-2 weeks ago
  • active tickets by owner
  • helpscout.oldest ticket time
  • helpscout.oldest ticket owner
  • helpscout.oldest ticket shaming

Here's a full example of a Geckoboard dashboard showing support dashboards:

var Dashboards = require('dashboards');
var helpscout = require('dashboards-helpscout');
var pipe = require('parallel-ware-pipe');
var geckoboard = require('geckoboard')('api-key');
new Dashboards()
  .use(helpscout('apiKey', 'mailbox-id'))
  .use(pipe(' tickets yesterday trailing average', geckoboard('widget-id').number))
  .use(pipe(' active tickets', geckoboard('widget-id').number))
  .use(pipe(' active tickets by owner', geckoboard('widget-id').pie))
  .use(pipe('helpscout.oldest ticket shaming', geckoboard('widget-id').text))