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    License: ISC

    Dashbi is light framework that lets you build own dashboards corresponding your needs.

    Quick Start

    Deploying the simplest dashboard that will show Dashbi version:

    const Dashbi = require('dasbhi').Dashbi;
    const dashboard = new Dashbi();

    Wonna more? Dive into documentation then! :)


    Browsers/Hardware Support

    Initially project was intended to work with all modern browsers that supports the CSS Grid Layout, but it seems that a lot of TV screens with embeded web browsers don't support it. This is why project aims to work with older browsers like:

    • Firefox 28+
    • Chrome 21+
    • IE 11
    • Edge 12+
    • Safari 6.1+
    • Opera 12.1+
    • iOS Safari 7+
    • Android Browser 4.4+
    • Samsung Browser 4+

    Tested with following TV web browsers:

    • Samsung Browser 1.0 on Tizen Linux


    This project is using Semver v2.0.0.

    Credits and Thanks

    • Project is inspired by no longer maintained Dashing project

    • Used libraries (check package.json to see whole list):

      • Express - A minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework
      • NeDB - Embedded persistent or in memory database for Node.js
      • StompBrokerJS - Simple Node.js STOMP 1.1 broker for embedded usage
      • STOMP.js - Stomp client for Web browsers and Node.js applications
      • axios - Promise based HTTP client for the browser and Node.js
      • Vue.js - Progressive framework for building user interfaces
      • Vuex - A state management pattern + library for Vue.js applications
      • Vue Router - Official router for Vue.js
      • Webpack - A module bundler
      • Babel - The compiler for next generation JavaScript
      • ajv - The fastest JSON Schema Validator
    • Thanks to my employer - Bitbar

    Copyright and License

    Copyright (c) 2019 Marek Sierociński.

    Released under the ICS license.


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