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Compile CoffeeScript from non-standard file extensions.


npm install -g dark-roast

dark-roast --help


The CLI supports the coffee CLI, except for that it has the --blend option as well.

dark-roast --blend .co lib -- --compile


This simple project came via an experimental desire to choose aesthetics over standards.

This, however, is arguably a dark thing to do. Possibly an EVIL thing to do, and something that could cause very serious repercussions, including:

  • An open source community that hates you.
  • Random bricks thrown through your window by said community.
  • Being called a hipster because you name your script extension allongé.
  • The fact that unique, standard, globally recognizable file extensions keeps hell from spilling into our world.

However, just think of the characters you will save!

Talk about value!

So! If you feel the need to do the same at times, perhaps this darker roast is more to your fitting.


  • write tests
  • don't be lazy and copy files
  • verbosity command