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    This is a direct fork of ethereumjs-vm with a few (significant) modifications.

    This repository is a Proof-of-Concept for a wallet side EVM execution(WEVM), which brings several use cases which I want to explore in this POC project. Possible use cases could be:



    • no context switching between development, testing or interacting


    • full solidity features
    • dapples unit testing and integration testing


    Considder the setup of the following OnBlockchain Contract:

    contract OnBlockchain {
      event owner(address owner);
      function OnBlockchain(bytes construcorrr) {
        // hahaha
      function giveMeTHIRTYTWO() constant returns (uint) {
        return 32;
      function giveMeSEVENTEEN(uint integer) returns (uint) {
        return 17;
      function giveMeFOUR() returns (uint) {
        return 4;
    contract B is Script {
      function B() {
        // deploys a new contract
        OnBlockchain a = new OnBlockchain("123");
        // export the contract address as variable "varname". Its class
        // is automatically inferred
        exportObject("varname", a);
        // as the function giveMeTHIRTYTWO is constant, the function call
        // triggers a call and retrieve a value and export it as the variable
        // name "thirtytwo"
        exportNumber("thirtytwo", a.giveMeTHIRTYTWO());
        // The function giveMeSEVENTEEN is not static, therefore
        // a transaction is triggered. However a return value
        // can be still retrieved and exported (currently not working)
        exportNumber("seventeen_nonstatic", a.giveMeSEVENTEEN(2));
        // If one want to retrieve a return value from a function
        // without triggering a transaction, this can be done either by
        // setting the call flag to true:
        exportNumber("seventeen", a.giveMeSEVENTEEN(3));
        // or exporting the the static calls into a function:
        // sets the address which triggers the transaction
        // this contract will have 0x6d... as its creator
        OnBlockchain b = new OnBlockchain("123");
        // Interacting with the default server environment is also supported
        // In order for this to work, curl and jq need to be installed
        uint BTC_USD = SH.to_uint("curl -s|jq '.bpi.USD.rate|tonumber|floor'");
        exportNumber("btc_usd", BTC_USD);
        // one can think of different integrations/ apis, which can be provided by
        // dapple with this approach
      // the static flag indicates, that all transactions in this function will be
      // treated as static calls rather then generating a transaction
      function staticStuff(OnBlockchain a) static {
        exportNumber("four", a.giveMeFOUR());

    This is producing the following output:

    NEW   new OnBlockchain(0x313233)
    TXR   OnBlockchain(0xac5fce7ae0051acf4dcd81a64523da41e59cc7a5).giveMeSEVENTEEN(2)
    ACC   switch origin to 0x6deec6383397044107be3a74a6d50d41901f0356
    NEW   new OnBlockchain(0x313233)
    exportObject(name a, addr 0xac5fce7ae0051acf4dcd81a64523da41e59cc7a5, class OnBlockchain)
    exportNumber(name thirtytwo, number 32)
    exportNumber(name seventeen_nonstatic, number 1.13526946735478465913037617028159547472529646787646290075579373593588249133056e+77)
    exportNumber(name seventeen, number 17)
    exportNumber(name four, number 4)
    exportNumber(name btc_usd, number 678)


    A sidechain running on Dapphub/ Controlled servers can be used to directly interact with ethereum and dapple. E.g. centralized callbacks can be deployed which are triggered by on blockchain events. external Plugins/ Packages/ Services can be easilly implemented and provided through a standard dapphub api.

        Contract c = new Contract();
        Event(c).on("Trade", "sale");
      function callback(address sender, string name, uint ammount) on("sale") {
        sms.msg(me, "Got request, sold ${name} for ${ammount}");


    WEVM related stuff is located in ./src/. Also ethereumjs-vm's code was modified. To test it for yourself run testrpc in the background and:

    cd src
    node index.js



    npm i dapple-wevm

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