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spawn daemon processes, check their status, and kill them

js usage

var daemon = require('daemonspawn')

var proc = daemon.spawn(cmd, opts)

spawns a daemonized process by spawning cmd with opts using npm-execspawn, which has the same interface as child_process.spawn

returns proc, the child process. you need to remember in order to use the other methods, usually people save it to a file, but any method will work.

daemon.status(pid, cb)

checks if pid is running, calls cb with (error, running) where running is a boolean

daemon.kill(pid, cb)

SIGKILLs the pid, calls cb with (err)

cli usage

$ npm i daemonspawn -g
$ daemonspawn
Usage:    daemonspawn <spawn,status,kill> [args..]
spawn     spawns a daemon, prints pid to stdout
status    given a pid of a daemon, checks if daemon is running or not
kill      given a pid of a daemon, kills the daemon with SIGKILL
$ daemonspawn spawn node server.js
$ daemonspawn status 3762
daemon is running
$ daemonspawn kill 3762
daemon has been killed
$ daemonspawn status 3762
daemon is not running