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Dada Framework

Dada Framework is a comprehensive general-purpose SCSS framework. It's currently under heavy development and not production-ready, but it's getting there.

See also the following projects:


The core of the framework is a Flexbox-based grid system that can be used to quickly scaffold basic layouts. It's fully responsive (mobile-first) and allows you to set specific column structures per responsive target layout, and can be used in liquid (percentage-based container width) form as well for building web apps.

We've tried to ensure that all basic HTML tags, typography elements and components have a consistent, neutral style that can be easily extended.

This project only contains SCSS, and is intended as a base platform for other projects to build upon, such as the ReactJS behavior layer.


Currently, the framework is still under heavy development. It's already possible to start using it, but a lot of planned features have not been developed yet, and there's not much documentation. This is going to change, so follow the project or request some features if you're interested in watching things unfold.

There's some information on our Github wiki on how to get started if you want to contribute code.

If you just want to add a quick note, or give some general feedback, feel free to open an issue. All feedback is greatly appreciated.


Use npm to install the framework as a project dependency:

npm install --save dadafw

(You may not need the --save argument if you don't have a package.json file.)

Usage with ReactJS

The dadafw-reactjs project is a layer of behavior code built around the SCSS code using React. It's the recommended way to get started when building a ReactJS website or application.

Usage with AngularJS

See the dadafw-angular project by Pascal Scheepers.


Contributions are greatly appreciated. To start a watch task that recompiles the framework upon making changes to the core library, use grunt dev:dadafw.

Upon typing the grunt command itself, a customized help message with the various supported build options will be displayed.

All code should be Libsass-compatible.

Browser Support

Dada Framework is tested with Webkit (Safari, Chrome), Gecko (Firefox), IE9–11, and mobile browsers (Android, Chrome Mobile, iOS Safari). All stable releases are tested—the non-stable releases are not.

Vendor prefixes

The framework generates code that includes vendor prefixes, resulting in CSS code that is not strictly standards-compliant. This is necessary, however, for cross-browser compatibility. We use Bourbon's mixin library for this purpose.

Vector Icons

We use Font Awesome to add vector icons to the project.

(This is set to be sectioned off into a separate npm package in the future.)


Dada Framework is released under the terms of the MIT license. See the included license file for more information.


npm i dadafw

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