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Defined Args

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A small utility for grabing arguments of a specified type.

Inspired from tblobaum's rconsole's defined method



var da = require('da')


<script src="da.js"></script>


In all methods, type, can be matched against the following built in types: null, undefined, boolean, array, function, date, regexp, number, string, and object. The param is not case sensitive.

first(type, …)

Returns the first argument of the specified type

da.first('string', 1, 2, 'a', 'b') // 'a' 
da.first.number('a', 'b', 1, 2) // 1 

last(type, …)

Returns the last argument of the specified type

da.last('object', 1, null, 'a', {foo: 'bar'}, {}) // {foo: 'bar'} 
da.last.boolean(1, 2, true, false) // false 

not(type, …)

Returns the first type that does not match the specified type

da.not('number', 1, 2, 'a', 3) // 'a' 
da.not.array([1], [2, 3], undefined, [4]) // undefined 


All top level methods, (first, last, not), have an alias to the built in types checked against.

  • method.null
  • method.string
  • method.undefined
  • method.number
  • method.function
  • method.boolean
  • method.regexp
  • method.object
  • method.array


With npm

npm install da