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Node Service Builder - provides helper methods for programmatically creating node services on a file system somewhere

sample usage:

	var builderFactory = require("d__module-builder").ModuleBuilder;
	builder = builderFactory('./generatedModule');
	builder.hasFile('exportsA.js', 'module.exports.A = "a";console.log("hello from exportsA");');
	builder.hasFile('exportsB.js', 'module.exports.B = "b";console.log("hello from exportsB");');
	builder.hasFile('exportsC.js', 'var a = require("exportsA"); var b = require("exportsB"); console.log("hello from exportsC");');
	builder.hasDependency('express', '^4.15.2');
		json.main = 'exportsC.js';
		json.scripts.start = 'node exportsC.js';
		return json;
	builder.npmUpdate(); //this should add the dependency'ECHO >> exportsD.js'); //just do a shell command to show it operates on the target folder
	builder.removeFolder(); //remove the target folder