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A shameless generalization of the ridgeline plot from d3-graph-gallery.


npm i d3-ridge


import {ridge} from 'd3-ridge'


It is assumed that the data bound to ridge is an object, where each ridge is specified a key in the object and each value corresponds to the numeric values to estimate the density from e.g.

data = {
  'A': [95,95,95,95],
  'B': [25,30,32,10],

more complex data can be provided should utility functions such as valueExtractor be overwritten from their default behavior:

data = {
  A: {
    x: { value: 1 },
    y: { value: 2 },

let container = d3.select('<wherever-you-want-to-dump-the-plot>')
let r = ridge(container)
.valueExtractor(function(d, i){
  let subKeys = d3.keys(data[d])
  return subKeys.map((k, j)=>data[d][k].value)


The following values are all exposed from the ridge closure:

  • data
  • spaceX: how much horizontal space the plot should occupy, axes exclude
  • spaceY: how much vertical space the plot should occupy, axes exclude
  • dataKeys: the keys from the data object, calculated for you
  • dataValues: the values used to compute the densities, calculated for you
  • dataExtent: the min and max of all values across datasets
  • scaleX (d3.scaleLinear()): scale used on the x axis
  • scaleY (d3.scaleLinear()): scale used on the y axis
  • valueExtractor ()(key, index) => data[key]): how to get the values for each key in dataKeys (should be a list of numeric values)
  • curve (d3.curveBasis): the curve attribute used for rendering the densities
  • colorExtractor ((key, index) => {return d3.scaleSequential().interpolator(d3.interpolateViridis)(index / dataKeys.length)}): how to color each ridge
  • opacity (0.7): opacity applied to all ridges
  • stroke ((k, i)=>'black'): stroke applied to each ridge
  • strokeWidth (0.1)
  • kernel (7)
  • kernelFineness (40)
  • axisDensityTicks (4): number of ticks that appear on the density axis
  • axisXTicks (5): number of ticks that appear on the x axis
  • mouseover ((k, i) => {}): function bound to mouseenter and mousemove events on each ridge
  • mouseleave ((k, i) => {}): function bound to mouseexit and mouseleave events on each ridge
  • namespace ('ridge'): included in svg elements to prevent multi-instance selection issues
  • axisX
  • axisY
  • axisYDensity
  • gAxisX
  • gAxisY
  • gAxisYDensity
  • areaContainer: contains the paths of the ridges
  • categorySpaceY: the space between each ridge
  • adjustedSpaceY: spaceY - categorySpaceY, in other words it ensures that the top ridge is visibile
  • scaleYCategories
  • gridlinesX (true)
  • gridlinesY (true),
  • includeDensityScale (true): whether or not the density scale should be included
  • applyZoom (true): whether or not pan and zoom should be bound to chart
  • transitionDuration (500): applied to axes and ridges
  • easeFn (d3.easeSin): applied to axes and ridges
  • zoom d3.zoom(): access to the zoom instance
  • zoomed (default provided): the function zoom invokes. Modify at your own risk.




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