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D3 layout to visualize distance variables using a continuous Hilbert space-filling curve. Here's an example.

See also d3-morton.

If you are looking for a module that also performs rendering, please see hilbert-chart.

Quick start

import d3Hilbert from 'd3-hilbert';

or using a script tag

<script src="//unpkg.com/d3-hilbert"></script>


const myRange = { start: 4, length: 9 };

API reference

Method Description Default
canvasWidth([number]) Getter/setter for the length of each side of the hilbert square canvas. 1
order([int]) Getter/setter for the extent of the hilbert curve domain, determined by 4^order. The maximum safe order is 26, due to the JS numbers upper-boundary of 53 bits. 4
simplifyCurves([boolean]) Getter/setter for whether to simplify the resolution of the curve to the most canonical 2-bit boundary that fits the range integral. For example, in a 2nd order curve (16 values), a range from 4 to 11 can be simplified from 8 vertices to 2 (each filling a square with 4 values), on the lower quadrants. This simplification greatly reduces the number of vertices in the curve and improves the calculation and rendering performance, specially for high-order ranges which tend to fall on bit boundaries, such as the case of IP address routes. true
layout(rangeObject) Extends the input rangeObject (syntax: {start:<int>, length:<int>}) with 3 additional properties defining the hilbert curve: .cellWidth (number defining the side length of each square cell and essentially the thickness of the line, according to the canvasWidth), .startCell ([int,int] the x,y coordinates of the starting cell) and .pathVertices (Array of vertices, specified in terms of characters indicating movement direction: UDLR (Up, Down, Left, Right)).
getValAtXY(num, num) Returns the reverse translated value on the curve domain found at coordinates x,y, relative to the canvasWidth.
getXyAtVal(num) Returns the [x, y] coordinates of the requested value. Throws an error if the value is outside the boundaries of the current hilbert domain.



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