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    ! 3.x.x is out. Please read the release notes for upgrade path from 2.x.x.

    Plugin for cypress that adds better terminal output for easier debugging. Prints cy commands, browser console logs, cy.request and cy.intercept data. Great for your pipelines.

    • looks pretty in console
    • logs all commands, requests and browser console logs
    • supports logging to files
    • option between logging only on failure (default) or always
    • options for trimming and compacting logs
    • support for multiple and nested mocha contexts
    • log commands from before all and after all hooks (with a catch*)

    Try it out by cloning cypress-terminal-report-demo.

    demo demo

    Limitations and notes

    • By default logs are not printed for successful tests. Please see option to change this.
    • console.log usage was never meant to be used in the cypress test code. Using it will not log anything with this plugin. Using it also goes against the queue nature of cypress. Use cy.log instead. See here for more details.
    • Using cypress-fail-fast and logging to files does not work out of the box. To enable support use the logToFilesOnAfterRun option.



    • >=3.0.0 requires cypress >=4.10.0
    • <3.0.0 requires cypress >=3.8.0
    1. Install npm package.
      npm i --save-dev cypress-terminal-report
    2. Register the output plugin in cypress/plugins/index.js
      module.exports = (on) => {
    3. Register the log collector support in cypress/support/index.js


    Options for the plugin install

    require('cypress-terminal-report/src/installLogsPrinter')(on, options)


    integer; default: 800; Max length of cy.log and console.warn/console.error.


    integer; default: 800; Max length of cy commands.


    integer; default: 5000; Max length of cy.route, cy.request or XHR data.


    integer?; default: null; If it is set to a number greater or equal to 0, this amount of logs will be printed only around failing commands. Use this to have shorter output especially for when there are a lot of commands in tests. When used with options.printLogsToConsole=always for tests that don't have any severity=error logs nothing will be printed.


    string; default: null; Required if options.outputTarget provided. More details.


    string; default: null; Cypress specs root relative to package json. More details.


    object; default: null; Output logs to files. More details.


    boolean; default: true; Toggles verbose output.


    string; Default: 'onFail'. When to print logs to console, possible values: 'always', 'onFail', 'never' - When set to always logs will be printed to console for successful tests as well as failing ones.


    string; Default: 'onFail'. When to print logs to file(s), possible values: 'always', 'onFail', 'never' - When set to always logs will be printed to file(s) for successful tests as well as failing ones.


    boolean; Default: false. Commands from before all and after all hooks by default get logged only if a command from them failed. This default is in accordance with the defaults on options.printLogsTo* to avoid printing too many, possibly irrelevant, information. However you can set this to true if you need more extensive logging, but be aware that commands will be logged to terminal from these hooks regardless whether there were failing tests in the suite. This is because we can't know for sure in advanced if a test fails or not.

    options.collectTestLogs *1

    ([spec, test, state], [type, message, severity][]) => void; default: undefined; Callback to collect each test case's logs after its run. The first argument contains information about the test: the spec (test file), test (test title) and state (test state) fields. The second argument contains the test logs. 'type' is from the same list as for the collectTypes support install option (see below). Severity can be of ['', 'error', 'warning'].


    boolean; default: false; When set to true it enables additional log write pass to files using the cypress after:run plugin hook. This option can only be used with cypress 6.2.0 onwards, and with the additional experimentalRunEvents configuration on versions smaller than 6.7.0.

    Options for the support install



    array; default: ['cons:log','cons:info', 'cons:warn', 'cons:error', 'cy:log', 'cy:xhr', 'cy:request', 'cy:route', 'cy:intercept', 'cy:command'] What types of logs to collect and print. By default all types are enabled. The 'cy:command' is the general type that contain all types of commands that are not specially treated.


    null | ([type, message, severity]) => boolean; default: undefined; Callback to filter logs manually. The type is from the same list as for the collectTypes option. Severity can be of ['', 'error', 'warning'].


    null | ([type, message, severity]) => string; default: undefined; Callback to process logs manually. The type is from the same list as for the collectTypes option. Severity can be of ['', 'error', 'warning'].

    options.collectTestLogs *2

    (mochaRunnable, [type, message, severity][]) => void; default: undefined; Callback to collect each test case's logs after its run. The mochaRunnable is of type Test | Hook from the mocha library. The type is from the same list as for the collectTypes option. Severity can be of ['', 'error', 'warning'].


    boolean; default false; Whether to print header data for XHR requests.


    boolean; default false; Whether to print request data for XHR requests besides response data.


    boolean; default false; Enables an extended collector which will also collect command logs from before all and after all hooks.

    Example for options for the support install

      // ...
      // Options for log collector
      const options = {
        // Log console output only
        collectTypes: ["cons:log", "cons:info", "cons:warn", "cons:error"],
      // Register the log collector
      // ...

    Logging after all and before all hooks

    Commands from before all and after all hooks are not logged by default. A new experimental feature introduces support for logging commands from these hooks: enableExtendedCollector. This feature is by default disabled as it relies much more heavily on internals of cypress and mocha, thus there is a higher chance of something breaking, especially with cypress upgrades.

    Once the feature enabled, logs from these hooks will only appear in console if:

    Logging to files

    To enable logging to file you must add the following configuration options to the plugin install.

    module.exports = (on, config) => {
      // ...
      const options = {
        outputRoot: config.projectRoot + '/logs/',
        outputTarget: {
          'out.txt': 'txt',
          'out.json': 'json',
      require('cypress-terminal-report/src/installLogsPrinter')(on, options);
      // ...

    The outputTarget needs to be an object where the key is the relative path of the file from outputRoot and the value is the type of format to output.

    Supported types: txt, json.

    Log specs in separate files

    To create log output files per spec file instead of one single file change the key in the outputTarget to the format {directory}|{extension}, where {directory} the root directory where to generate the files and {extension} is the file extension for the log files. The generated output will have the same structure as in the cypress specs root directory.

    const path = require('path');
    module.exports = (on, config) => {
      const options = {
        outputRoot: config.projectRoot + '/logs/',
        // Used to trim the base path of specs and reduce nesting in the
        // generated output directory.
        specRoot: path.relative(config.fileServerFolder, config.integrationFolder),
        outputTarget: {
          'cypress-logs|json': 'json',

    Custom output log processor

    If you need to output in a custom format you can pass a function instead of a string to the outputTarget value. This function will be called with the list of messages per spec per test. It is called right after one spec finishes, which means on each iteration it will receive for one spec the messages. See for example below.

    NOTE: The chunks have to be written in a way that after every write the file is in a valid format. This has to be like this since we cannot detect when cypress runs the last test. This way we also make the process faster because otherwise the more tests would execute the more RAM and processor time it would take to rewrite all the logs to the file.

    Inside the function you will have access to the following API:

    • this.size - Current char size of the output file.
    • this.atChunk - The count of the chunk to be written.
    • this.initialContent - The initial content of the file. Defaults to ''. Set this before the first chunk write in order for it to work.
    • this.chunkSeparator - Chunk separator string. Defaults to ''. This string will be written between each chunk. If you need a special separator between chunks use this as it is internally handled to properly write and replace the chunks.
    • this.writeSpecChunk(specPath, dataString, positionInFile?) - Writes a chunk of data in the output file.
      // ...
      const options = {
        outputTarget: {
          'custom.output': function (messages) {
            // messages= {[specPath: string]: {[testTitle: string]: [type: string, message: string, severity: string][]}
            Object.entries(allMessages).forEach(([spec, tests]) => {
                let dataString = '';
                // .. Process the tests object into desired format ..
                // Insert chunk into file, by default at the end.
                this.writeSpecChunk(spec, dataString);
                // Or before the last two characters.
                this.writeSpecChunk(spec, dataString, -2);
      // ...

    See JsonOutputProcessor implementation as a good example demonstrating both conversion of data into string and chunk write position alternation.



    Tests can be found under /test. The primary expectations are run with mocha and these tests in fact start cypress run instances and assert on their output. So that means there is a cypress suite that is used to emulate the usage of the plugin, and a mocha suite to assert on those emulations.

    To add tests you need to first add a case to existing cypress spec or create a new one and then add the case as well in the /test/test.js. To run the tests you can use npm test in the test
    directory. You should add it.only to the test case you are working on to speed up development.

    Release Notes


    • Add severity typescript types. merge-request by tebeco
    • Fix nested file logging by fallback for determining spec path. issue
    • Update cypress to 9.1.0 in tests to confirm support.



    • Fix issue in extedend control where skip tests would double consume logs, and cause domain exception. issue
    • Update cypress to 8.6.0 in tests to confirm support.


    • Fix issue with cy.intercept overrides not working. issue
    • Update cypress to 8.5.0 in tests to confirm support.


    • Fix issue with no response on XHR breaking tests. issue


    • Fix issue cy:intercept not between the allowed configuration options. issue
    • Fix issue with plugin breaking cypress with skipped tests. issue1 issue2
    • Update cypress to 8.3.0 in tests to confirm support.


    • Added support for logging command from skipped tests. issue
    • Update cypress to 8.1.0 in tests to confirm support.


    • Added protection against incorrect tabbing level determined from test parents breaking logging to terminal. issue
    • Remove peer dependency mocha.
    • Update cypress to 7.4.0 in tests to confirm support.


    • Additional fix over extended control with nested mocha contexts and after each hooks failing. issue



    • Fix issue with duplicated log send on extended control when parent suite has after each but current suite doesn't. issue
    • Fix issue with empty array of logs causing extra unnecessary new lines in console output. issue
    • Confirm support with cypress 7.3.0.


    • Fix compatibility with cypress < 6.0.0. issue
    • Confirm support with cypress 7.2.0.


    • Add support for cy.intercept() capturing and logging. issue
    • Improve cy.request() timeout and xhr abort error logging. issue
    • Update cypress in tests to 7.1.0 to confirm support.



    • Fix incomplete previous release.


    • Fixed issue with errors not displaying correctly for commands outside of tests. issue
    • Update readme with additional notes on limitations.


    • Fix issue with cucumber tests not logging properly to nested files. issue
    • Fix issue with filterLog and processLog options running too soon on non-final log list. issue



    • Improved logging of xhr with status code, response data in case of failure and duration. issue merge-request by peruukki
    • Added console.debug logging support. merge-request by reynoldsdj
    • Improve config schema for trimming options to allow number.


    • Fixed issue in nested file output for spec file names containing multiple dots. merge-request by rinero-bigpanda
    • Fixed issue in nested file output not cleaning up existing files. issue
    • Update to cypress 6.0.0 in tests and fix expectations.





    • Removed deprecated exports from index.js. If you were still using require from index.js please see installation for updating.
    • Added JSON schema validation for options to prevent invalid options and assumptions. issue
    • Fixed issue where output to file would insert at incorrect position for JSON when ran from GUI.
    • Reworked the file output processing code and thus the API changed as well. Custom output processors will have to be updated to current API when upgrading to this version. Check readme section.
    • Added printing to terminal of time spent in milliseconds for output files to be written.
    • Improved Error instanceof checking for console log arguments printing. issue
    • Update cypress to 5.0.0 in tests to confirm compatibility.


    • Fixed issue with compact logs breaking after each hook with message undefined is not iterable. issue
    • Update cypress to 4.11.0 in tests to confirm compatibility.



    • Added new feature to compact output of logs, see here. issue
    • Fixed incorrect severity on cons:error and cons:warn.
    • Fixed compatibility with cypress 4.8. issue-1 issue-2 issue-3
    • Fixed issue with webpack compatibility caused by native includes getting in compilation files. For this please revise the installation documentation and change the requires for the install of this plugin. Deprecated require by index. issue
    • Fixed issue with logsChainId not being reset and causing test failures and potentially live failures with error 'Cannot set property '2' of undefined'. issue


    • Added creation of output path for outputTarget files if directory does not exist.
    • Fixed issue with ctrAfter task not being registered when outputTarget not configured. issue


    • Added support for logging to file, with builtin support for json and text and possible custom processor. issue
    • Added support for logging XHR request body and also headers for requests and responses. issue
    • Reformatted the log message for route and request commands.
    • Replace all tab characters with spaces on console log.


    • Fixed issue with incorrect command being marked as failing when there are additional logs after the actual failing one. issue
    • Fixed issue where console would receive undefined and the plugin would break: split on undefined. issue
    • Bumping default trim lengths for cy:command and cons:* log types.
    • Improvements on logging objects from console.
    • Fix incorrect severity calculation for cy:route.
    • Fix yellow output on powershell.
    • Fix windows console icons with different set. issue
    • Update cypress version for testing to 4.3.0.
    • Set peer version of cypress to >=3.8.1. issue


    • Fixed issue with cy.request accepting parameters in multiple formats and the plugin not recognizing this. merge-request by @andrew-blomquist-6
    • Improved browser console logs for Error and other objects. issue-1 issue-2
    • Added support for filtering logs. See collectTypes and filterLog options for the support install. from issue.
    • Removed option printConsoleInfo in favor of above. Also now the console.log and info are by default enabled.



    • Added tests and CI to repository.
    • Added support for showing logs even for successful tests. in issue by @zhex900
    • Fixed issue with incorrectly labeled failed commands. in issue by @zhex900
    • Fixed issue with logs from cy.route breaking tests on XHR API type of requests. merge-request by @zhex900


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