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A Cypress plugin to retry failed tests

Please report bugs in the issues of this repo.

Please refer to this issue for updates about official cypress retry support


Add the plugin to devDependencies

npm install -D cypress-plugin-retries

At the top of cypress/support/index.js:


Optional Installation

To enable retry logging in the terminal alongside mocha output
Inside cypress/plugins/index.js:

module.exports = (on, config) => {

example output:


Use the environment variable CYPRESS_RETRIES to set the retry number for all spec files:

CYPRESS_RETRIES=2 npm run cypress

or Set the "env" key in your cypress.json configuration file to set the retry number for all spec files:

    "RETRIES": 2

or On a per-test or per-hook basis, set the retry number:

Note: this plugin adds Cypress.currentTest and you should only access it in the context of this plugin.

it('test', () => {

or [undesirable] Use mocha's this.retries(n) inside of a test:

Note: must use function() notation, not arrows ()=>{}

it('test', function() {


Conditional Logic based on currentRetry number?

How it works

  • a test with retries enabled will immediately retry on failure instead of moving on to the next test.
  • tests only retry on failure. If all your tests pass on the first try, it's as if you didn't have this plugin.
  • during a retry, all beforeEach and afterEach hooks that apply the test will be re-ran
  • beforeAll(before) hooks are not re-ran on retry. These are guaranteeed only to be ran once.
  • if a test fails in a beforeEach hook, the test will retry
  • if a test fails in a afterEach/afterAll hook, the test will not retry, but fail as normal (if you want to retry an afterEach hook, see this issue)
  • only the final run of a test will be sent to the mocha reporter/Dashboard. This means if a test passes on the second retry, you'll see one passing test.
  • a screenshot is taken on each test retry. This can be configured as detailed here:
  • commands from past test tries will be faded out, as shown in the screenshot above

Extra Configuration

  • Use env var RETRIES_HIDDEN=1 to hide previous attempts' command log entries (instead of marking them with an orange x)
  • Use env var RETRIES_NO_LOG=1 to omit logging to terminal in Cypress run mode ((retry 1/3) ...)




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