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(Super Easy) Cypress Filters

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This plugin helps you to easily filter your Cypress runs based on tags. And yes, super easy and simple!

And everything in super plain Javascript :)

If tests do not match your filters, then they are simply marked as pending and skipped.

1. Installation

npm i cypress-filters --save-dev

2. Register Plugin

Just place these lines in your support/e2e.js file.

const CypressFilters = require('cypress-filters');

new CypressFilters().register();

3. Add Tags to tests

Add any tag to the title. It is recommended to use a unique prefix such as "@". That's it!

it('My super cool test @smoke @usability', () => {
    // ...
    // ... 

4. Run with filters

Run your tests by providing a filters environment variable.

You can provide multiple filters based on a combination of OR and AND conditions.

# run with 1 tag
cypress run --env filters="@smoke"

# run with 2 tags (OR condition)
cypress run --env filters="@smoke @usability"

# run with 2 tags (AND condition)
cypress run --env filters="@smoke+@usability"

# run with 3 tags (AND + OR condition)
cypress run --env filters="@smoke+@usability @regression"

# run with 4 tags (2x AND condition)
cypress run --env filters="@smoke+@usability @regression+@functional"


1. Conditional Tests with Filters

Sometimes it's necessary to completely skip things such as before() or beforeEach() hooks if run with some tags.

Let's imagine you test a payment plugin that requires an API key. But this key is not always available. Still, a handful of tests should still be executed. Let's tag those with the filter "@core". Depending on your setup, you might have some before() hooks that prepare the payment methods. But these are not existing without a valid API key. You can easily skip that before() hook with the following code.

before(function () {

    if (new CypressFilters().hasFilter("@core")) {
    // ...
    // ...

Please keep in mind, this is only an idea to get you started. This feature allows you to completely customize your logic based on tag conditions.



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