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one-fits-all flavour

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Cycle-app flavor.


Run create-cycle-app myAppName --flavor cycle-scripts-one-fits-all


An elementary SPA. Each page is a cycle component and has its own state, which is persisted in local storage


  • xstream observables designed for HTML apps
  • @cycle/dom and snabbdom for HTML rendering and events
  • @cycle/http for http requests
  • @cycle/time for accurate timing
  • cycle-onionify and @cycle/isolate for fractal single state atom
  • cycle-storageify and @cycle/storage for persistence in browser local storage
  • cyclic-router and switch-path for routing and history management
  • cycle-rerun for Hot Module Reloading (HMR)
  • Custom HTML speech driver (write only)


Typescript (strict) with TSLint or ES6, uses the Typescript compiler for both.

How does this flavor work

My goal is to create a flavor where you don't have to eject if you want to customize the config. This is now possible with the 3.0.0 update. The template will create a webpack.config.js inside your app folder that defines the entry points of the app. You can add to that config and it will be merged with the config defined in this flavor.

I strongly recommend wepack-blocks as they help a lot in making webpack easy.


To migrate an existing app to 5.0.0 you have to

  • update cycle-scripts-one-fits-all
  • update package.json like this:
"nyc": {
  "instrument": false,
  "sourceMap": false,
  "include": [<paths of files you want to test>, "src/components"],
  "reporter": ["html", "text-summary"]

"mocha-webpack": {
  "include": [
    "src/components/**/*.{jsx,js,ts,tsx}", //Should be the same as in nyc.include
    "test/**/*.test.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}" //All your tests


Webpack is configured using webpack-blocks


  • npm start: Start development server listening on port 8080
  • npm test: Run the tests with mocha-webpack
  • npm run build: Generate a production-ready build content, on the build folder (this folder is gitignored)
  • npm run eject: Copy flavor's dependencies and configurations to the project folder, update package.json and remove the dependency on the flavored cycle-scripts. This is irreversible.
  • npm run clean: Delete all the files and folders that were generated by the other commands (build, start and test)

Config files

  • webpack.config.js (Added to config/ after running the eject script)
  • webpack.config.test.js (Added to config/ after running the eject script)