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    Copious World content Identififier

    You might pronouns it as "quid" or you might say, "swid" like squid.


    A CWID is something like an IPFS CID, but it has a different format. In particular it separates a prefix string and a string representing the SHA256 of content by a delimiting character. The exclamation point, '!', has been chosen as this delimiting character.

    A method is provided to extract the hash string from the CWID. But, in javascript it can be easily done by spliting the string. E.g.

    let cwid_maker = new CWID()
    await cwid_maker.init()
    let cwid = await cwid_maker.cwid("this is some text")
    let hh_sha255 = (cwid.split('!'))[1]
    // This will be in the base chosen for the CWID (either hex or base64url).

    Bases Supported

    Currently only hex and base64url are supported. And, base64 is possible. The default is base64url.

    Want to add a base? If anyone wants to contribute to the base collection, say something in the issues.

    Plans: Currenty only Javascript is in use, but copious-world also has C++ implementations of base string representations. If these prove to improve preformance, they may be employed as node.js modules or as WASM compiled via emscripten.


    Web version:

    npm test

    Node version:

    node ./test/index.js


    • constructor

    has no parameters. new CWID returns a CWID factory. Use it to make many CWIDs

    • select_base(base)

    base can be one of base64,base64url or one of hex,base16

    • cwid(text)

    returns a CWID in the selected base. The default is base64url

    • change_base(cwid,to)

    The current base will be read off of the CWID. And, it will be converted to the to base. (hex in [hex,base16,f]) (base64url in [base64url, u]) (base64 in [base64,m])

    • hash_from_cwid(cwid)

    Just splits the string and returns the second half

    • hash_buffer_from_cwid(cwid)

    converts the second half of the string to uint8Array

    • async ipfs_cid(text)

    Retuns an ipfs CID of the text in hex or base64url.

    • ipfs_cid_to_cwid(cid)

    Retuns an ipfs CID of the text in hex or base64url.

    • cwid_to_cid(cwid)

    Converts from a CWID to an IPFS CID in the selected base.


    npm i cwid

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