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CoverWallet components

Package usage

Node version is >= 10.15.0

To start local server

  1. yarn start
  2. Open http://localhost:8002/basic/ in your browser

To build lib

  1. yarn build

To make cw-components local changes instantly work on your project:

  1. cd path-to-local/cw-components
  2. yarn link
  3. yarn build-watch
  4. cd path-to-other-project/project-name
  5. yarn link cw-components

To use actual package.json cw-components lib version instead of npm link just do:

  1. cd path-to-other-project/project-name
  2. yarn unlink cw-components

Next time, for example after pc reboot you will need only to:

  1. cd path-to-local/cw-components
  2. yarn build-watch

To push your changes to Github pages

This still have some bug with fonts on

  1. Run yarn gh-pages
  2. Open

To publish new version to npm

  1. Run npm version <update_type> as explained here
  2. Create a user at, if you haven't yet (or you can request access to cowerwallet's account)
  3. Make npm login
  4. Ask to add you to collaborators for
  5. Create a release version at github
  6. Run npm publish

To test in a mobile device

  1. Run yarn start
  2. In another tab, run yarn sync
  3. In your mobile browser, enter the External URL printed in the terminal


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