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cute The CUTEST Testing Framework

Uncluttered, concurrent tests

No set-up, no global variables. Just run the test file in any environment and the cutest logs will appear in your console. That's it.

import test from 'cutest'
test('Comparing 1 and 1', async function test1 (t) {
  t.assert(Number('1') === 1, '"1" equals 1')
test('This one is gonna fail', async function test3 (t) {
  t.assert(Number('One') === 1, 'One equals 1')
  t.log('Assertions don\'t break the computation')
  throw new Error('Only Exceptions breaks the computation!')
test('Compare Json', async function test2 (t) {{ a: 1 }, { a: 1 }, 'Compare two Json objects'){ a: 1 }, { a: 2 }, 'Compare two Json objects'){ a: 1 }, { a: 1, b: 4 }, 'Compare two Json objects')'rocks!!!', 'CUTEST rocks', 'Compare two Strings')[1, 2, 3], [1, 2], 'Compare Arrays')


Node Ninja Tricks

Execute Script Once

node test.js

Live Reload with nodemon

nodemon test.js

Chrome DevTools Debugging with nodemon

You already know this one:

node --inspect --debug-brk test.js

Now go to chrome://inspect/#devices and click on "Open dedicated DevTools for Node". You didn't know about this one, didn't you? Now you don't have to copy-paste the DevTools link anymore. It is automatically attached to the chrome browser.

Now combine this with nodemon:

nodemon --inspect --debug-brk test.js

Best node debugging ever!

Secret Browser Testing Moves

Just include the test script in your HTML file. If you don't have one, we got a nice live-reload server for you:

cutest test.js --open

It's not Karma. But hey, it's not Karma!! (If you know what I mean..)


MIT © Kevin Jahns