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Cute is "JavaScript You Minify", meaning Cute scripts can be concatenated with your application code and minfied together. Functions you use will remain intact, and functions you don't use will minify out. The end result is that browsers will download and run your code quickly, enabling the fastest experiences possible.

Understanding Latency

Browser experiences are affected by three main causes of latency, which can roughly be categorized as hops, size and speed.

  • Hops to servers and back can be very latent, depending on distance to servers and number of subsequent hops.
  • Size of downloads affect bandwidth usage, and large assets can cause long delays.
  • Speed of browser rendering is affected by how fast a CPU is and how much work it needs to do.

The relationship between Moore's Law and Nielsen's Law means CPU speeds can be expected to increase at a greater rate than bandwidth, so over time, size becomes more important than speed. Additionally, caching is a common solution for mitigating latency from hops, and small sizes are better for caching, both on CDNs (saving cost) and browsers (saving space).

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