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Create, edit, share and publish scientific documents.


curvenote is an open source library and command line interface (CLI) to create share and publish technical documents.

  • Write papers and reports in Markdown and Jupyter (docs)
  • Create and share interactive websites (docs)
  • Export to Word, LaTeX, and PDF with any template (docs)

In addition to being completely local, curvenote can optionally sync content to to allow you to work with collaborators who enjoy WYSIWYG editing, commenting & real time collaboration for technical documents.

Get Started

Curvenote is available through Node and NPM. Unless you already have this on your system you will have to install NodeJS. See full install instructions in the docs!

npm install -g curvenote
curvenote init
curvenote start
curvenote deploy

Built with Curvenote

Curvenote allows you to easily create, edit, and publish content to the web as a fast, optimized site with interactive citations, cross-referencing, math, and dynamic figures from Jupyter Notebooks.

Curvenote can be used to create all sorts of open-access content, click the links below to see some examples!

Interactive and Linked

The default website you create can have interactive Jupyter Notebook features, and live-preview of cross-references and citations.

PhD Thesis with linked references, equations, and export to PDF.

Interactive Papers with Jupyter Notebooks and interactive visualizations.

These interactive scientific sites can be easily deployed on a hosting service called or can also be hosted on your own custom domain.

Work locally with Live Reload

The client library is entirely local, and rebuilds in ~50ms for most projects. Meaning you can preview your content as you are writing!

Direct export from Curvenote

First login, see authorization docs to get an API token.

curvenote token set

Then you can directly export your curvenote documents to:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Markdown (.md) - using MyST
  • LaTeX (.tex)
  • PDF (.pdf)
curvenote export docx communicating-science.docx
curvenote export md
curvenote export tex version-control.tex -template plain_latex
curvenote export pdf version-control.pdf -template arxiv_nips

LaTeX and PDF Dependencies

Exporting to:

  • LaTeX (latex|tex) with a template option specified
  • or to PDF

Requires the jtex python package to be installed and available on the user's PATH.

With python 3.7 or greater installed, install jtex via pip:

python -m pip install jtex

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