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Curvefever-bot is a bot interface for the curvefever-stats package. You can hook this up to irc-stream (say), and use it to sign up to games on IRC, as well as having it auto-generate fair teams for you, provided you have associated the player IRC nicknames with their curvefever nicknames.


The library exposes a gu instance that you can create by just passing in the missing gu options. Then pipe your transports into it:

var curveBot = require('curvefever-bot').gu();
var ircStream = require('irc-stream')(ircServer, ircName, ircOpts);

Alternatively, change the config file directly and run npm start for IRC mode.


On IRC type curve help for help.


When there are other transport streams available, implement bin files for them.


MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.