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A node module that allows interaction with the Currency.tf API.

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General information

Currency.tf provides a powerful pricing API for over 4700+ TF2 items & the 4 basic currencies. The API allows you to access price data from Backpack.tf, Marketplace.tf & the Steam Community Market with ease. At a later date you'll also be able to access user data from Currency.tf, this will include a given user's reputation, status, backpack value & more!

The API is built to be as self-documenting as possible, but if you find yourself overwhelmed, we've created this module & repository to make it easier for you to interact with Currency.tf and the price aspect of its API.

Have a question about the module or programming in general? Do not create a GitHub issue. GitHub issues are for feature requests and bug reports. Instead, send an email to support@currency.tf. Such issues may be ignored!

The example folder currently includes:

  • Requesting & saving price data for TF2 items.

The example folder will at some point include:

  • Using the price data for a TF2 trade bot & displaying it on a website.

All examples require a valid API Key, you can get yours at your currency.tf settings page when Currency.tf officially launches. If you wish to gain access now, you can do so by contacting me & purchasing direct access to the API.


See the Wiki for the documentation.


npm i currencytf-api

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