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Simple test-runner to include as dev-dependency. Write a test.js and require this module to automatically run coffee tests with mocha.


npm install cura-test-runner --save-dev

Create test.js file




Executing the test in (test/*.coffee) just requires running

node test.js 

or when test.js is configured as a test as seen below

npm test


Sometimes it might make sense to override the defaults for the tests. In that case simply require the module and run the function manually with options.


var runner = require('cura-test-runner');
runner({ files: 'my-test-folder/*.test.js', coffee:false })

The default options are contained at the top of index.js for review.

package.json Scripts

Add this into package.json for convenience:

"scripts": {
  "test": "node test.js",
  "dev": "nodemon -e coffee,js test.js"

Note: I mapped npm run-script to rs so we can write rs dev and have continuous testing of our code on save.

For that to work you must have nodemon installed globally with:

npm install -g nodemon