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18-3-2016 Leuven

Project: Pivotparser


Sub-modules + Libaries: Babyparse minimist

Description: pivots csv file

Installation npm install cumuliopivot

How to use: node TestingPivot.js --input fileIN.csv --output FILEOut.csv --tocopy "value1|valueX" --pivot "pivotvalueX|pivotvalueY|pivotvalueZ"

input --> input file output --> output file may be empty --> if empty --> file will be saved as PivotResults.csv

tocopy --> Which fields do you want to copy every time pivot --> which columns needs to pivot May be empty --> if empty all the other column names will be pivoted.

Author: Jasper De Braekeleer

Next Release Details: if outputname is empty --> inputname_output.csv