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[siː juː ʤeɪ ɛs] – Cosmic UglifyJS

A CLI wrapper around uglifyjs. Configurable with sensible defaults.
Make uglification great sane again!

It turns this

  "name": "awesome-lib",
  "version": "0.42.0",
  "scripts": {
    "minify": "uglifyjs dist/awesome-lib.js -mco dist/awesome-lib.min.js --comments /^!/ --source-map \"content='dist/awesome-lib.js.map',url='awesome-lib.min.js.map'\""

into this

  "name": "awesome-lib",
  "version": "0.42.0",
  "scripts": {
    "minify": "cujs dist/awesome-lib.js"


$ npm i -D cujs uglify-es

Instead of uglify-es, you can install any other package that provides a binary named uglifyjs with a compatible interface.


cujs uses cosmiconfig to collect configuration before calling uglifyjs. That means, cujs will look for configuration (all the way up the directory tree until it hits the home directory) in the following places:

  • cujs property in package.json
  • .cujsrc file in JSON or YAML format
  • cujs.config.js file exporting a JS object

You can use camelCase variants of all options supported by uglifyjs in your configuration. In addition to that, you can also configure input files with the input key instead of passing them as arguments. Consider this example cujs.config.js:

module.exports = {
  input: ['foo.js', 'bar.js'],
  output: 'foo.min.js',
  compress: false,
  sourceMap: { url: "foo.min.js.map" },

This corresponds to the following uglifyjs arguments:

foo.js bar.js --output foo.min.js --no-compress --source-map url="foo.min.js.map"


cujs applies the following defaults that differ from those of uglifyjs:

  mangle: true,
  compress: true,
  sourceMap: true,
  comments: /@preserve|@license|@cc_on|^!/i,

Furthermore, cujs tries to be smart about some things. For example, when sourcemaps are enabled, it infers sourceMap.url and looks for a input source map to use as sourceMap.content. However, if you explicitly set any of those keys, cujs won't touch them.

If in doubt, run as DEBUG=cujs cujs to see what's going on.


MIT © Raphael von der Grün


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