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Cross-platform Node.js class to create system trays.

Note: This package does not support macOS. (See issue #2)


$ npm install ctray


Simple Example

let Tray = require("ctray");

let tray = new Tray("path/to/icon");

tray.tooltip = "Simple Example Tray"; // Sets the tooltip to display

tray.menu = [ // Sets the tray menu
    {text: "Quit", callback: _ => tray.close()}

tray.on("close", () => console.log("Tray Closed"));

See the example file for a more complex example.

Constructor new Tray(icon: string) : Tray

Creates the tray's instance displays the icon on the taskbar. Tray extends from EventEmitter, and it emits "close" once it is closed.

tray#close(): void

Requests the tray to close and emits "close".

tray#tooltip: string

Getter/Setter for the tooltip to show over the tray.

tray#icon: string

Getter/Setter for the absolute path to the icon to display.

tray#menu: MenuItem[]

Setter for the menu of the tray. Each element of the array can either be a String or an Object with the following format:

type MenuItem = {
    text:      string,     // Label of the element in the tray. Required
    checked?:  boolean,    // Item starts checked? defaults: false
    disabled?: boolean,    // Item is disabled? defaults: false
    callback?: () => void, // Function without arguments to run on click.
    submenu?:  MenuItem[], // Array With the same rules as menu

Note that getting this property will return the menu Array as an Object to prevent Array functions that add/remove elements as they are not supported.

Setting text = '-' creates a MenuItem of type "separator". Its text cannot be changed nor have submenus.

Next steps

  • [ ] Improve documentation.
  • [x] Test in other plattforms.
  • [ ] Create package.json Scripts.
  • [x] Allow changing the menu dynamically.
  • [ ] Test in MacOS
Notes to self
  • Generate ico from svg command: $ convert -density 2048 -background transparent icon.svg -define icon:auto-resize -colors 256 icon.ico


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