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Create csv formated streams from Arrays of Objects. CsvBuilder is one of many Csv stream/generator implementations on npm. The goal of CsvBuilder is to create Schema's for csv output and let the consumer spawn as many streams as needed from a single instance to maintain a specific format. This means the user gets control of the headers, the order of the headers, how the headers correspond to consumed objects, virtual properties, value delimiters, and line terminators.

Getting Started

var CsvBuilder = require('csv-builder');

// assuming we have an array of objects that's
// in the format of {fullname: String, email: String, zip: Number}
// but we need csv formated as such: Firstname, Lastname, Email

var usersBuilder = new CsvBuilder({
	// define headers and order of headers
	headers: 'Firstname Lastname Email',
	// define object to header correspondance
	constraints: {
		// Header: property
		'Email': 'email'
		// correspond with a virtual property
		'Lastname': 'lastname'
// create virtual 'Firstname'
.virtual('Firstname', function(obj) {
	return obj.name.split(' ')[0];
// virtual properties are treated like any propery,
// if it is not defined in the headers, it still needs a constraint
.virtual('lastname', function(obj) {
	return obj.name.split(' ')[1];

// From the `usersBuilder` instance we can now spawn readable or tranform streams.

// pipe into a newly created duplex

// Create a readable stream from an Array<Object> payload


$ npm install csv-builder


  • headers String|Array Space separated headers, or array of headers (required)
  • delimiter String The value delimiter. Default ','
  • terminator String The line terminator. Default '\n'
  • mutate Boolean Mutate incoming objects when creating virtuals. Default true
  • constraints Object {"header": "prop"}


  • headers String|Array Space separated headers, or array of headers
CsvBuilder#set(header, prop)

Set single or multiple contraints. If header is an object, it will extend any existing constraints, not replace.

  • header String|Object Either object {"header": "property"} Or a string "Header"
  • prop String Property to correspond to header, omit if using object.
CsvBuilder#virtual(prop, fn)

Create a virtual property. Virtual properties are treated the same as normal properties, so if no header matches the virtual property name, or no constraint is set the virtual property will be omitted.

  • prop String Virtual property name
  • fn Function Returns virtual value, takes the object to be created/mutated as the only argument.

Create's a readable stream and consumes the payload.

  • payload Array

Create's a transform stream. The stream expects either Objects or JSON.

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