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    CSSClear is a tool for removing unused CSS code from your code base. It's like UnCSS, but more usable for non-static sites with huge stylesheets.


    npm install -g cssclear


    Init and get CSS selectors

    First, you have to initialize this tool and get JS files for using on your WEB pages. Such files will be copied to destination DIR.

    cssclear init <path to destination DIR ... >

    Next, you have to collect CSS selectors from your existing CSS files:

    cssclear index <base> <file>


    • base (String): Path to directory with CSS files

    • file (String): Path to JSON file that will be created

    After this, you will receive JSON file with all CSS selectors of your project.

    Integrate with your HTML pages

    Next step, you have to integrate JS files to your HTML pages. You have to add some JS code to your HTML.

        var cssClear = {
            pathToSelectors: '',
            dataStoreProvider: {
                name: 'postData',
                options: {
                    apiKey: "d58e3582afa99040e27b92b13c8f2280",
                    URL: ''
    <script type="module" src="path/to/csscleaner.bundle.js"></script>

    JS client looks for selectors from JSON (for example, on your HTML pages and keeps only 'live' of them.

    • pathToSelectors (String): URL path to JSON file with CSS selectors (see Init and get CSS selectors)

    • location (String): Unique key for a page (by default may be URI)

    • dataStoreProvider (Object): Data storage method configuration

    • (String): Data storage method type. You should use one the variants: postData, firebase

    • dataStoreProvider.options (Object): Object with configurations parameters for dataStoreProvider


    CSSClean supports two variants for saving data to the persistent remote storage. We call this mechanism dataStoreProvider. You can post the result of works JS client to your custom script on the server side ( = 'postData') or save to Firebase Realtime Database ( = 'firebase').

    For postData type, you should receive and save data to your own database. For example, in the case with PHP your should look like:

    header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');
    $data = file_get_contents('php://input');
    // there you should save data to the DB 

    To be continued...


    npm i cssclear

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